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Brief note: ‘Supermajor’ and what’s the illusion?

‘Supermajor’ is a piece currently showing as part of the ‘illusion’ exhibition in the Science Gallery in Dublin (

I was hoping to film it, and then write about it in relation to time. It is, however, broken. The guide I asked told me it will be fixed sometime next week. So….I’ll do it then.

In the meantime:

A. Here is what I plan to discuss when I do get to it:

1. What the illusion is. In brief, it is what is sometimes called the ‘Cartwheel Illusion’.

2. How it works.

3. What it tells us about the relationship between what we see and what is visually apparent to us.

4. Whether or not it is best to call it an illusion (where something seems to be there which is not) or, instead, a case of anosognosia (where something is there which seems not to be there).

5. How it relates to thinking about illusions of temporal order.

B. Here it is in a different gallery (yes, I could discuss it with this, but I want to wait until I can put it up on my own youtube channel):