Academic Publications and Talks

Academic Publications

Academic Talks

  • 2020. Caring about the Future (Irish Philosophical Society workshop, online, hosts: UCC and TCD)
  • 2019. Against Illusions of Duration (Time and Mind interdisciplinary conference, University of Leeds)
  • 2018. Talk on time and perception (Time and Mind workshop, University of Leeds)
  • 2017. June. Panel on temporal illusions (with Valtteri Arstila, Adrian Bardon, and Argiro Vatakis) Fourth IAPT meeting, Centre for Philosophy of Time, Italy
  • 2016. October. Talk on time-lag and naive realism (Workshop on Time and Sense, University of Oslo)
  • 2016. July. Current Projects (Philosophy seminar, University of Sydney)
  • 2016. July. Relative Simultaneity and the Temporal Structure of Cognition (University of Sydney Sensation, Perception & Cognition Interest Group, University of Sydney)
  • 2016. June. Relative Simultaneity and the Temporal Structure of Cognition (HPS Postgrad Workshop, keynote talk, University of Sydney)
  • 2016. April. Against Illusions of Duration (APA, San Franscisco)
  • 2016. February. Illusions of Motion (Irish Philosophical Club, Drogheda)
  • 2015. June. Illusions of Duration (TSC, Helsinki)
  • 2014. January. Perceiving Multiple Locations in Time (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • 2013. October. Imagination and Illusion (University College Cork, Ireland)
  • 2013. August. Relative and Absolute Presence (University of Turku, Finland)
  • 2012. March. Measuring Real Time (University College Cork, Ireland)
  • 2011. October. The Real Temporal Structure of Perception (Delmenhorst Institute of Advanced Studies, Germany)
  • 2011. May. The Metaphysics of the ‘Specious Present’ (University of Turku, Finland)
  • 2011. March. Temporal Illusions — Philosophical Considerations (University of Glasgow, Scotland)

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