Academic Publications and Talks

For more details on my academic work, see my Orcid (ID: 0000-0002-0821-3508) or my Philpeople profile:

Academic Publications

  1. 2021. Book. Philosophy of Time: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge)
  2. 2019. Anthology (co-editor). The Illusions of Time: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives (Palgrave, eds. Arstila, V., Bardon, A., Power, S. and Vatakis, A.)
      • 2019. Chapter. ‘Against Illusions of Duration’
      • 2019. ‘Introduction’ (to section on duration)
  3. 2018. Book. Philosophy of Time and Perceptual Experience (Routledge)
  4. 2017. Special journal issue (editor). Special issue on time consciousness (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
    • 2017. ‘Introduction’ (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  5. 2016. Chapter. ‘Relative and Absolute Presence‘ (Philosophy and Psychology of Time. Studies in Mind & Brain, eds. Mölder B., Arstila V., Øhrstrøm P.)
  6. 2015. Journal article. ‘The Psychophysics of Order and Anisotropy: Comment on Riemer‘ (Consciousness & Cognition)
  7. 2014. Journal article. ‘Perceiving Multiple Locations in Time: A Phenomenological Defence of Tenseless Theory’ (Topoi)
  8. 2013. Journal article. ‘Perceiving External Things and the Time-lag Argument‘ (European Journal of Philosophy)
  9. 2012. Journal article. ‘The Metaphysics of the ‘Specious Present’‘ (Erkenntnis)
  10. 2011. Chapter. ‘Temporal Illusions– Some Philosophical Considerations‘ (Multidisciplinary Aspects of Time and Time Perception, eds. Vatakis A., Esposito A., Giagkou M., Cummins F., Papadelis G.)
  11. 2010. Journal article. ‘Complex Experience, Relativity and Abandoning Simultaneity‘ (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
  12. 2009. Journal article. ‘A Philosophical Introduction to the Experience of Time’* (Neuroquantology). *My very first academic paper – written in ignorance of academic publishing, but I’m still proud of it.

Academic Talks

  1. 2020. “Caring about the Future” (Irish Philosophical Society workshop, online, hosts: UCC and TCD)
  2. 2019. “Against Illusions of Duration” (Time and Mind interdisciplinary conference, University of Leeds)
  3. 2018. Talk on time and perception (Time and Mind workshop, University of Leeds)
  4. 2017. Talk on relative simultaneity and cognition
  5. 2017. Panel on temporal illusions (with Valtteri Arstila, Adrian Bardon, and Argiro Vatakis) Fourth IAPT meeting, Centre for Philosophy of Time, Italy
  6. 2016. “Time-lag and naive realism” (Workshop on Time and Sense, University of Oslo)
  7. 2016. July. “Current Projects” (Philosophy seminar, University of Sydney)
  8. 2016. July. “Relative Simultaneity and the Temporal Structure of Cognition” (University of Sydney Sensation, Perception & Cognition Interest Group, University of Sydney)
  9. 2016. June. “Relative Simultaneity and the Temporal Structure of Cognition” (HPS Postgrad Workshop, keynote talk, University of Sydney)
  10. 2016. April. Against Illusions of Duration (APA, San Francisco)
  11. 2016. February. Illusions of Motion (Irish Philosophical Club, Drogheda)
  12. 2015. June. Illusions of Duration (TSC, Helsinki)
  13. 2014. January. Perceiving Multiple Locations in Time (Trinity College, Dublin)
  14. 2013. October. Imagination and Illusion (University College Cork, Ireland)
  15. 2013. August. Relative and Absolute Presence (University of Turku, Finland)
  16. 2013. May. Time and Fear of Death (University College, Cork, Ireland)
  17. 2012. March. Measuring Real Time (University College Cork, Ireland)
  18. 2011. October. The Real Temporal Structure of Perception (Delmenhorst Institute of Advanced Studies, Germany)
  19. 2011. May. The Metaphysics of the ‘Specious Present’ (University of Turku, Finland)
  20. 2011. March. Temporal Illusions — Philosophical Considerations (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
  21. 2008. Time Consciousness and Special Relativity. Conference, University of Birmingham
  22. 2007-2009. Various talks during my PhD 


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