Time and Illusion

What I am doing on this site
What I am doing here is trying out ideas, working through side-issues in my overall project of thinking about experience in time (which includes, but is not limited to, experience of time). At least one paper has come out of a post here. I expect to get a book out at some point based on others. But I am also just using the site to thrash out ideas I am working through, think are worth developing to some extent, but am not sure if they have any serious weight.

Part of what I’m working through is the tone and the audience. Sometimes the site gets quite technical. Sometimes it’s quite slight. I’m not sure who all of this is for. So, I’ll say this: If you find some of this interesting, then this is for you.


1. Yet, even then, the thought that there are incoherent thoughts does not itself seem incoherent. In any case, this just expands the range of ‘anything whatsoever’ to objects which it would be difficult to accept as being part of the actual world (that is, objects which are intrinsically incoherent; we can think of them, perhaps, but I can’t agree that they can belong to the actual (or even possible) world).


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