Bibliography [frequently updated]


1. This bibliography is  taken from my current research (in particular my monograph) and my 2010-2012 IRCHSS Post-doctoral Research Fellowship on ‘Time and Illusion’ in University College Cork.

2. The contents of my bibliography is guided by my questions about time and illusion and what I had to read to get to grips with (a) the concepts of time and erroneous experience, (b) how those two concepts are related, and (c) how they are distinct from other concepts (e.g., for time, space; for illusion, hallucination and anosognosia).

3. I have written extended and sometimes quite informal notes on pretty much all of these entries. However, as they are done with the main project in mind, reproducing them here would be redundant. Also, I often use these notes, which I write like any on the fly, as a way of venting or wildly speculating should the need arise. So, not only are they often redundant here, but in many cases where the notes AREN’T redundant, reproduced as is, they are rambling, rude or a combination).

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